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Chess Warfare is a turn-based strategy game that resembles the well-known game of Chess. The things that set it apart from it however are completely new rules that require a different approach and strategical thinking, the option of playing with up to four players (AI or humans) and the fact that Chess Warfare can be played on an actual chessboard with standard chess pieces.

Chess Warfare was thought out to be as a better, more fun alternative to the standard game of Chess. Therefore, there are many things Chess Warfare offers that can't be found in the standard game of Chess.


  • optional time-limited turns;
  • multiplayer;
  • texture packs;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • the option of choosing your own unit types;
  • the option of choosing your own names and colors;
  • games for up to 4 players at once;
  • team-based games;
  • various map sizes and game modes;
  • multiple moves at once (3 in the beginning, 2 afterwards);
  • balanced moves (an attack takes 2 moves);
  • a game excitement bar (that shows how awesome the game is);
  • achievements;
  • adding randomly-placed or player-placed obstacles to the game's map;
  • individual statistics, ranks and medals at the end of every game;
  • game options to customize your game experience;
  • an original soundtrack;
  • a detailed Warfarepedia that covers every single area of the game (the game rules, mechanics, game modes etc.);
  • save/load features;
  • customizable autosaves;
  • a map editor;
  • custom maps, which can be made to your own liking;
  • a set of many already-made custom maps with variated playing styles (like Sieges or Duels);
  • the capability of playing Chess Warfare in real life on one or more chessboards.

Technical resume:

Chess Warfare was programmed in Python with the additional Pygame library by 3 students over the course of 5 months, and it spanned on over 14.000 lines of code; now, for the 1.1 release, we had a new member join us, and over the course of 6 more months, we made the 1.1 version that spans on over 42.000 lines of code.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, opinions or anything in regards to us or this game, you are welcome to express yourself (contact details on our profile).

Our game is also on GameJolt and IndieDB.

Release date Dec 07, 2014
TagsChess, Co-op, hot-seat, Multiplayer, python, Team-Based, Turn-based Strategy, War, warfare
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


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